16 May

As my last year at holy Cross comes to an end it is both uplifting and sad to think back on this past year and all the years that came before it. I have attended Holy Cross for since preschool, which is 10 years.

The first day of this school year feels like a life time ago. I remember taking picture outside the school with my sister. I remember begging my parents to stop taking pictures of me. Yet they kept reminding me that I would never have a day like this again. I remember seeing last years class and them telling me to treasure every moment because it goes really fast. I wish I had.

One of my favorite memories of 8th grade is all the girls volleyball games. This year we had two new coaches, Ashley and Alex, and they were amazing. I love them and they taught me a whole lot. We won our last game and I remember thinking this is the the last time I will get to play with all these great girls.

I clearly remember giving my speech in core class. I am deathly afraid of public speaking ,but I still don’t understand why I still get so nervous in front of the people I have known for almost my whole life. I was shaking as I read and my voice kept cracking. Everyone said they liked my speech and I was glad. I remember think how great my classmates speeches are and how smart everyone in the class is. I have learned so much from them.

I am now playing for the boys volleyball team. I remember the first practice where I helped coach. The boys had never played volleyball before and they looked pretty silly. They have gotten so much better though the season. I coached this past game and they are very respectful, athletic, and smart boys.

My class is my family. I love them all and we have countless memories together. These years at Holy Cross have been amazing and I could not ask for anything better. The school and the people involved there have shaped me into who I am today. I cannot imagine what next year will be like not seeing some of them everyday. I am fortunate to have 11 of my classmates going to Santa Cruz High School and most of my closest friends. Holy Cross is an amazing school and I am extremely proud to be a graduate.


Athletics in Middle School

25 Apr

I think that all middle schools should offer some type of athletic program. I started athletics at Holy Cross when I was in fourth grade. I started with volleyball which is now my passion and I play everyday and for a club team. I also played basketball, soccer, and softball through school and these experiences have taught me responsibility.

Taking part in sports in middle school teaches you how to balance your school work and your other activities outside of school. I remember always having to get all my work done so I could play in games after school and go to practices. You also cannot participate in sport if you have any grade lower than a C, so it also helped me keep my grades up.

Playing sports got me more involved in my school community. I met people I hadn’t known even went to my school and I also became a bigger part of my parish community.

Because of knowing more people and making more friends in my school and parish I felt more comfortable in new activities outside of school. I took part in more activities and made many new friends who I cherish. They have helped shape who I am as a person.

Sports build character and help you understand who you are as a person. I believe we should start sports in Middle School because that is when we truly shape into the person we are becoming. The responsibility that comes with playing sports helps prepared kids for life’s challenges and above all sports help kids make friends, be comfortable with who they are, and have fun!


darw a stick man!

15 Feb

darw a stick man!


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15 Feb

Natural Bridges pixel


this is my bio!…

1 Feb

this is my bio!!!!!!!!!


30 Nov

Hi everyone! I love volleyball! It’s the absolute best sport ever. No doubt! I play for my school and for Main Beach Volleyball Club. I love it! It is an extreme sport mostly played indoor, beach, and on grass. There are six players on one side of the quart and another six players on the other side , separated by a net. The object of the game is to gain points by side outs and serving. It takes hard work and a lot of skill , but I think it’s absolutely the best sport in the world.


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Fresh Till dawn!

16 Nov

I really like this. haha